3 Major Types of Properties for Sale in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

Being a new beach town in the Guanacaste province, Las Catalinas is one of the amazing places in the world to stay. Here, one can not only experience a healthy and happy lifestyle but also relax the fretting nerves and avoid the daily hustle-bustle of city life. Overlooking the ocean, the beach town certainly offers some of the exquisite and exhilarating views of the sunsets, soft, warm waves of the vast ocean, and a long stretch of white, sandy beach. On the other side, the town is bordered with lush mountains, and dense forest covers, thereby making the place nothing less than a paradise.

Bringing together all these reasons and picturizing such a joyous and free beach town, isn’t your heart fluttering with excitement of being there?

If yes, it’s the right time to look for the best Las Catalinas Costa Rica homes for sale. After all, when you have such a pleasing ambiance like that of the new Guanacaste’s beach town, the houses won’t be up for sale for too long. So, before the opportunity slips away from your hand, you should start considering to buy a permanent real estate home in Las Catalinas, but not without knowing about the available homes in the town.

That’s why here we have given you a brief glimpse of the several types of properties that have been put up on sale in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica. This way, you can easily make your choice without much hindrance.

Beach facing open-air villas

The first kind of Las Catalinas Costa Rica homes for sale that you can find in abundance is the beach facing villas. These properties are located close to the main beach stretch and overlook the calm, and quaint ocean. The total carpet area will differ from one property to the other, especially as you can choose from different room combinations. Some villas are private, having two rooms while others are quite vast, almost having three to five rooms.

Cottage-styled homes

Walk a little deeper into the beach town of Las Catalinas, towards the forest cover and you can find the cottage-styled properties scattered around the town. These properties are perfect for a peaceful lifestyle as you will be surrounded by nothing but the nature. Imagine how wonderful it will be to wake up to the sweet and melodious voice of the birds chirping and enjoy the morning coffee while gazing at the far-off forests! Isn’t the picture too inviting to ignore?

Villa styled condominiums

If you are planning for luxurious and accent-statement Las Catalinas Costa Rica homes for sale, the villas come condos will be the ideal choice. These properties might have an infrastructure similar to that of a condo. But, if you will take a close look, they are far too luxurious, and hence, they can be easily mistaken to be villas. Depending on your preference, you can have indoor pools, private access to the beach, ocean-facing deck, and so on.


Las Catalinas currently has these three main types of real estate properties which one can buy as their escapade home. This new beach town of the Guanacaste province is proving itself as the perfect place for retirement gateway, vacations, and also for quick and easy escapes from the nerve-wrecking city lifestyle. All you need to ensure is that your choice of property can meet all your requirements with ease.

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