4 Reasons to buy a property for sale in Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Out of several districts in the Guanacaste province, Tamarindo is said to be a tourism hotspot. Surrounded by a calm and peaceful tropical forest on one side while being bordered by the ocean on the other, the district has so much to offer. Over the years, the place has become one of the prime vacation spots, all thanks to the variety of adventurous trails, water sports, wildlife sightseeing, and exploration hikes.

If Tamarindo has so many hidden treasures, don’t you think having a Tamarindo property for sale will be quite lucrative and a deal made in good faith?

Indeed, it will be!

But, before you start jumping in excitement of owning a property in this Guanacaste district, let us shed some more light on the picture of Tamarindo’s ambiance and its profitable real estate market.

Low Property Taxes

One of the main problems of owning a property in any of the American land is the huge property tax levied by the government. However, in Costa Rica, the tax levied on all kinds of properties is the same- 0.25% of the total property market valuation. For example, if you buy a property worth of $200,000 USD in Tamarindo district, you will have to pay a property tax of $500 USD every year which is indeed worth the investment.

Variations and diversity in properties

Every Tamarindo property for sale is of high repute, and all thanks to the variations and diversities the real estate market offers. If you are looking for vacation rental options, condos, small homes, resorts, and other properties will be available on the list. For a permanent property, you can surf the market and explore the variety of houses and structures the Tamarindo real estate industry has to offer. Starting from open-air condos to beach-styled villas, you will be able to find the perfect match according to your needs.

Low living costs

Unlike other places, Tamarindo offers low living costs, be it the daily amenities you need for a long stay in this place or the medical costs. The local neighborhood is highly affordable, and you won’t have to worry about spending too much just because Tamarindo also offers a luxurious lifestyle. This is why the real estate market of this area has soared quite high since the last few years.

Laid back lifestyle

Another reason for which the Tamarindo’s real estate market has flourished to such a splendid extent is the laid-back lifestyle. Starting from adventurous activities to several water sports, fishing arena, boat rides, peaceful woodlands and others, Tamarindo has so many hidden treasures that half your time will be spent away in discovering and exploring them. You wouldn’t get enough time to brood over your worries and other kinds of anxieties.


If you are planning to give a second thought to buying a Tamarindo property for sale, do not spend too much of time on that. The district has a lot more than what meets the eyes. And that’s why you should explore its real estate market further so that you wouldn’t lose an excellent opportunity of grabbing a lucrative property deal.

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